Malted Barley Panini


This recipe creates artisanal malted bread panini infused with brewer’s yeast and honey or barley syrup and baked to perfection. Each sandwich is filled with freshly grilled primosale cheese, pesto, salad leaves, and tomato and seasoned with gomashio for a delightful blend of flavours.



Sieve flour and toasted malt into a large bowl and make a well in the center.


Melt brewer's yeast in 30°C water within the well and add honey or barley syrup, then use a little flour to form a dough.


Let the dough stand for about 20 minutes in a warm place.


Gradually blend in flour from the well, alternating with oil, and form a dough. Add salt halfway through the process.


Once mixed, the dough should be soft and smooth. Form it into a ball and let it rise in a well-covered, greased bowl in a warm place for about 45 minutes.


After rising, shape the dough into small sandwich forms, each weighing about 80g. Moisten each piece and sprinkle cereal flakes on top. Let them rise again for 30 minutes.


Bake in a preheated fan-assisted oven at 170°C, placing a small bowl of water in the oven to create a damp atmosphere, for about 18 minutes.


Let the panini cool on a cooling rack.


Slice the tomatoes.


Warm up a griddle pan, grease it slightly, and quickly grill the slices of primosale cheese.


Cut the panino in half, spread pesto generously, fill with salad leaves and tomato, add the grilled cheese, and season generously with gomashio.


Use a long skewer to hold the panino together.


300g type ‘1’ wheat flour

6g toasted barley malt

165ml warm water

30g extra virgin oil

10g salt

12g brewer’s yeast

spelt or oat flakes

1tsp honey or barley syrup

6 slices of Primosale Idea, each weighing 80g

2 tomatoes

100g pesto

large-leaf salad

Gomashio, to taste