The Perfect Cheeseboard

May 31, 2018

Nothing quite tops a dinner party like a good cheeseboard, and for many this can be the highlight of the night!

When designing your cheeseboard, you want to keep it simple. Choose between 3- 5 cheese, but make sure you have enough to go around.

If you’re going for three, stick to a hard cheese, a soft and a blue cheese.

  • Hard cheese: Cheddar or Comte are always good options
  • Soft cheese: A tasty Brie
  • Blue cheese: Obviously, a strong Cropwell Bishop Stilton will do the job here.

But don’t limit yourself to just these – if you want to add some more cheese, try something smelly, like a runny Époisses de Bourgogne, or a goat’s cheese

With a cheese board there is never a right or wrong time to serve it. Many serve these after pudding, however they could be a tasty starter. Alternatively, a nice idea is just to leave the cheeseboard out for people to help themselves to during the evening.

When preparing your cheese board ensure you do this 1-2 hours before serving to ensure the cheese reaches room temperature, and the optimum flavour.

When storing your cheese in the fridge, keep it wrapped in its original paper and stored in a Tupperware box, ideally in the salad drawer. Did you know that you can pop a sugar cube into the corner of the box to keep the cheese from sweating!

When pairing your cheese with the correct wines, all cheese has a different taste to suit. We recommend trying white wine, which offers a clean taste. And sweet wine goes great with stronger cheeses like Roquefort.

Serving a cheese board is always nice with a menu to follow. This allows everyone to understand about their tastes and the options.